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Wooden door


Wooden doors are probably some of the most beautiful doors on the market and have seemingly endless design and finish options. However, wood does not do well with changing climate conditions as they can swell and warp if there are rapid climate changes or high humidity. They also should not get wet and are very difficult to disinfect without damaging the finish.  It is for this reason that they are not recommended for exterior applications.


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What is a door?

A door is a moving structure used to block off, and allow access to, an entrance to or within an enclosed space. Doors normally consist of a panel that swings on hinges on the edge, but there are also doors that slide or spin inside of a space. It can be used in buildings, housing, cars and garage.

Aluminium door


Aluminium is the strongest and most durable material as it is easy to clean and maintain. Aluminium doors are often used for commercial properties and retail facilities. Nevertheless, they are also extremely well suited for residential properties. Nowadays, aluminium is used in door frames rather than a door itself because of its cost.  

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Fire-rated door


Fire-rated door is a door with a fire-resistance rating used as part of a passive fire protection system to reduce the spread of fire and smoke between separate compartments of a structure and to enable safe egress from a building, a structure or a ship. Fire-rated doors come in the range of 1/3 hour to 3 hours for fire resistance.


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What is a gate?

A gate is a point of entry to a space which is enclosed by walls. Gates may prevent or control the entry or exit of individuals, or they may be merely decorative. A gate may have a latch to keep it from swinging and a lock for security.

Glass door


Glass doors are very popular nowadays, ranging from glass panels to glass sliding door, it is commonly used in commercial places and residences for its simple design and ability.  Glass doors pose the risk of unintentional collision if a person believes the door to be open when it is closed, or is unaware there is a door at all. To prevent injury from glass doors, stickers or other types of warnings are sometimes placed on the glass surface to make it more visible.


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Mild steel gate


Mild steel gates are the most common form of steel because its price is relatively low while it provides material properties that are acceptable for many applications. It is noticeable by its mechanical welding marks and is the preferred choice used for housing.

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Wrought Iron Gate


Wrought iron gates are tough, malleable, ductile and corrosion-resistant. It is softer to forge, as it is workable at a higher heat than mild steel making it more malleable under the hammer. Amazing ornate shapes can be manipulated into the metal to create stunning gate designs with no visible welds. Wrought iron gates nowadays cost more and are heavier in terms of weight compared to mild steel gates.


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